About iBET iLottery Da Ma Cai information

About iBET iLottery Da Ma Cai information

About iBET iLottery Da Ma Cai Corp:

Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. (“PMP”), was incorporated in Malaysia on July 4, 1988. Its principal business is the conduct and management of the Numbers Forecast Totalisator business under the provision of the Racing (Totalisator Board) Act, 1961. In January 1991, PMP assumed the management of the horse breeding and related activities of the National Stud Farm, previously undertaken by the Lembaga Totalisator Malaysia.

On 9 August 2011, Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“JPM”) acquired the entire shareholding in PMP. Following the acquisition of PMP by JPM, all of PMP’s net dividends that JPM receives will be donated to The Community Chest (“TCC”). With this structure, PMP has effectively been transformed from a for-profit organization into a social business, providing long term donations to TCC for the benefit of the Malaysian community.

Da Ma Cai Logo and Tagline:

Da Ma Cai Logo

Da Ma Cai Logo

Da Ma Cai is the brand identity representing Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd (“PMP”). The charging horse represents Da Ma Cai’s forward vision, and relentlessness in pursuing excellence. A symbol of strength and independence, this creature remains true to the Company’s core values.

By using blue and red, the colours of the logo provides a dynamic contrast to the Company’s character: Red represents passion and energy. Blue signifies patience and serenity. Both colours complement each other to suggest a harmonised union of qualities.

Together with the brand name, the logo creates an identity that is both distinct and original.


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